The US-FIP Flexible Impeller – from siphoning must or wine/juice move, to siphoning squash for bourbon refining, US-FIP siphons can deal with your necessities! The advantages of self preparing, high pull, solids taking care of and simplicity of activity are incorporated with hearty remote controls that make siphon activity basic

Creative American plan guarantees simple support

“Development is Simplicity,” at US-FIP, we acknowledge that and give items that perform better as well as they are intended to be instinctive to utilize and keep up with. You don’t should be a siphon master to work and keep a US-FIP siphon.

Bowpeller is accessible in 2 truck models:

Bowpeller model B15154: 1.5″x 1.5″ triclamp, outside earthenware china Bearing for f1600 pump versus carbon seal, 304SS truck, washdown 3hp, 3450rpm engine, Lenze VFD with remote controller, 230V 1ph or 3ph. Max stream 110 gpm, TDH 75′

Cost: $3,500.00 in addition to transportation

Bowpeller model B3258 3″x 2.5″ triclamp, outer ceramic versus carbon seal, 304SS truck, washdown 5hp, 1750 rpm engine, Lenze VFD with remote controller, 230V 1ph or 3ph. Max stream 350gpm, TDH 65

US-FIP model 20035LV has become a favored siphon with regards to siphoning high strong crush. Video exhibits how well siphon can purge crush from tanks. What’s more we can give unit stream meter and program so siphon can convey crush at a consistent rate (criticism circle from stream meter naturally changes siphon speed).

Our licensed low shear, delicate item taking care of Bowpeller radial siphon is ideal for applications that need a more delicate siphon. Quit beating your item with standard radiating siphons! Our inventive plan and American assembling gives you an extraordinary quality item. Remote controller is standard.