: Given underneath are a portion of the normal utilizations of reflective standard

1. amazing for PC cutting operation;

2. Great adaptability and scratch obstruction, untearable;

3. high perceivability during evening time also.

4. stronge glue execution

5. Temperature/Weather China reflective Membrane (UV, downpour and frost)resistant accessible

6. long sturdiness, high brilliance and against assurance

Item Features

1. With gleaming properties.

2. The fire resistant.

3. Extent of use is wide, adaptability is solid.

4. Eco-accommodating, self-glue, helpful and efficient.

5.Good glue temperature opposition: the most noteworthy temperature and the least temperature are 120℃ and 20℃ separately

6.The innovation of backdrop presently can pass printing and decorating and frothing to make level, will make a progression of embellishment impact, for example, duplicate brocade and timber, give an individual a sort of vivid sense.

7.The paper fundamentally has certain sound retention impact, the backdrop impact that handle accomplishes is better, backdrop actually can warm protection and form confirmation, extra backdrop likewise can forestall bacterium, actually can forestall bug eat by moth,

8.Wallpaper has excellent protection from scour execution, we can utilize clear water to clean even scour straightforwardly, and needn’t bother with any assurance, this is one perspective that backdrop is helpful.

9.It is a sort of cellophane, essentially be to look exceptionally delightful, and very clarify, what don’t have too large contamination, will not deliver damage to human body!


1.Eco-dissolvable ink、UV ink for natural assurance

2.Beautiful plan , rich shape, Easy to clean and keep up with

3.Non-poisonous, colorfast, launderable, scratchable, solid and form evidence, dampness verification,

4. Smoke Proof, Sound Absorbing, Heat Insulation, Anti-Static

5. Pre-creation machines testing to completed merchandise just as quality testing machine checking,

6. Appealing value, great Quality, magnificent Service and convenient Delivery,

7. Fine surface conveys top notch pictures, Vibrant tone after advanced printing measure

8. With climate assurance covering which would quick be able to dry in the wake of printing and have great

printing impact.


Amazing for use at home for things like designing kids’ rooms, backdrop borders, alterable divider complements and the sky is the limit from there. In business conditions, they are well known for entryway and holding up regions, storage spaces, lifts, and elevator illustrations in retail outlets, and the sky is the limit from there

Home inside beautification foundation backdrop (fabric), tooling painting, oil painting, enormous scope wall painting customization, to address the issues of customized embellishment, appropriate for outside painting instrument, and so forth

* Digital picture handling

* notice printing

* Simulation painting making

* Photographic studio utilizing

* It can be utilized for embellishment in private rooms, workplaces, inns, markets, publicizing show and so on