Clean,thin,light weight, great adaptability and padding


Low warm conductivity and predominant warmth protection

Practical and adaptable, Invariable in case it is assaulted over and over

Simple to install,high efficiency,Maintenance free

1. It can curve, crease and twisting uninhibitedly. It can move and China reflective Membrane extend uninhibitedly in three-dimensional space.

2. Great warmth dissemination and low obstruction.

The primary specialized boundaries of membrane switch:

Silver online no oxidation, nd debasements

Silver width 0.3mm, the littlest time frame, line edges <1/3, the line hole of <1/4 width

Pin separating standard 2.54 2.50 1.27 1.25mm

Lead against curve, with d =10mm Ganggun line pressure roller 80 continually

1, Print size deviation0.15mm, clear code looks terrible < 0.1mm edges

2, Chromatic deviation 0.11mm/100mm, protected cover all the Silver Line Ink

3 Naink scattering writinp non-faulty

4, Chromatic distortion isn’t more than two

5, May have wrinkles, paint stripping

6, Transparent windows straightforward perfect, uniform tone, not a scratch,and debasement